Have you derisked your safety compliance requirements

Don’t become an example for Worksafe

Introducing the Safety Shovel 

The industry has experienced unprecedented demand for organisations to protect their workers from known and unknown risks.

With combined legislative demands on Directors and Managers and Worksafe fines crippling those who don’t take safety seriously – an innovative approach to protecting all workers is not a cultural expectation for companies it is a demand.

The Safety Shovel is designed to be used as a supportive tool to protect workers from harmful events that cause human and infrastructure risk.

Although best endeavours try to prevent infrastructure and human harm, records that are inaccurate cause risk that needs to be minimalized.

The Safety Shovel provides the ideal real-time detection of metal and power subsurface. It allows for the detection of metallic cables and pipes (water, gas, electric etc) and electric circuits under the ground.

This tool is ideal for the prevention of harmful asset strikes.


Detect Subsurface

Metal, Pipes,

Cables etc

Detect Electrical

Cable Subsurface,

Single & 3 Phase

Realtime Alarms,

Visual alerts for

Both Metal &

Electrical Detection


Immediate indication

for Excavator & Spotter

of pending danger

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