Safety Shovel Specifications

Excavation Spotters Shovel

Prevent Harmful Asset Strikes

1. General System Features 

The Safety Shovel is designed to be a supportive tool to protect workers from harmful events that cause human and infrastructure risk.

Although best endeavours try to prevent infrastructure and human harm, inaccurate records cause risk that needs to be minimalized.

The Safety Shovel provides the ideal real-time detection of metal and power subsurface. It allows for detecting metallic objects including cables, pipes (water, gas, electric etc.) and electrified cables under the ground.

This tool is ideal for the prevention of harmful asset strikes.

1.1 System Characteristics

Weight 3.5kg (7.7pound)
Length 1.59m (5’f 2’in )
Shovel Head Dimensions 280 x 210mm (11x 8.26 in)
Metal LEDGreen Flashing
EMF LEDEMF LED Range Sensitive (Yellow/Red)
Battery Life 16+ hours (See note 1)
5 hours (Full Charge)
Battery Recharge time 8 hours max
Sleep mode activated 10 minutes of inactivity
IP Rating Designed for IP 67
connectivitycustomise settingsPhone connection ability

Note 1: Battery life is dependent on the detection frequency of metallic and EMF events. Stated battery life is an estimate of normal field activities. Safety Shovel operators need to utilise the Safety Shovel validation tool to ensure accurate determination is achieved.

1.2 Metal Detection Characteristics

Metallic TypeDistance (mm)
Lead 0-300
Steel 0-300
Cast metal0-300
Copper 0-250

Note 1: Metals purity and density may vary detector sensitivity

1.3 EMF Detection Characteristics

Note 1: AC current may vary detection of EMF